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Andrew Bourelle's first novel, a coming-of-age story titled Heavy Metal, was published in February 2017 by Autumn House Press.


About Heavy Metal

Winner of the 2016 Autumn House Fiction Prize, selected by William Lychack

A real gut-punch of a novel, Heavy Metal sings with energy and beauty and honest abandon about grief and hope and trying to find one’s balance in an unsteady world. At a certain point, the young narrator shoots a bottle out of the sky. “The glass explodes like a bottle rocket,” as he tells it, “the shards glinting in the firelight underneath the gray-lit sky.” The same can be said for this novel and family, both of which explode “like a bottle rocket, the shards glinting in the firelight underneath the gray-lit sky.”

—William Lychack, author of The Architect of Flowers and The Wasp Eater

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“Andrew Bourelle's first novel grabs you by the throat from the first sentence and drags you deep into a vividly imagined world.”

— Dan Chaon, author of Ill Will and Await Your Reply


“Heavy Metal is a brilliant debut novel, at once an incisive, complex character study of damaged youth and a ferociously exciting page-turner.”

— Christopher Coake, author of We're in Trouble and You Came Back


“As suspenseful as it is intelligent and as cinematic as it is lyrical, Bourelle's first novel is a landmark achievement and, once started, impossible to put down.”

— Daniel Mueller, author of How Animals Mate and Nights I Dreamed of Hubert Humphrey