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Andrew Bourelle is the author of the novel Heavy Metal. His short stories have been published widely in literary magazines and fiction anthologies, including The Best American Mystery Stories.   


Bourelle is a former journalist and currently works as an assistant professor of English at the University of New Mexico. He lives in Albuquerque with his wife and children.


Praise for Heavy Metal:

winner of the Autumn House Fiction Prize

finalist in three categories of the New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards 


Andrew recently collaborated with James Patterson on a new novel, Texas Ranger, scheduled for publication August 2018.


Andrew's short story "Cowboy Justice" (previously published in The Best American Mystery Stories 2015) will soon be available digitally for New York Public Library patrons and New York subway commuters. 

cowboy justice cover.png

Selected Publications




“Y is for Yangchuan Lizard," D is for Dinosaur edited by Rhonda Parrish

"We Us You," Equus edited by Rhonda Parrish

"Homecoming Corpse," Weirdbook Magazine





"Little Healers," Swords & Steam Short Stories

“Relativity,” It’s About Time edited by Kathy Giorgio

“This Book Is the Property Of,” Polterguests edited by Jane Andrews

"My Mermaid" (comic illustrated by Edward Bourelle), The Florida Review, 40.2



“La Isla De Las Muñecas,” Isthmus 3

“Event Horizon,” Crossing Lines edited by Rayne Debski

“Cowboy Justice” (reprint), The Best American Mystery Stories 2015 edited by James Patterson

“Winter Crossing” (comic illustrated by Edward Bourelle), Stoneboat 16.1




“Devil’s Paintbrush,” Kestrel 33

“Death Sentence,” Weave 11

“Cowboy Justice,” Law and Disorder: Stories of Conflict and Crime edited by Amy Locklin 

“Inferno,” Whitefish Review 15

“Blood Falls,” Prime Number Magazine 47

“Comic Book Brothers: A Collaborative Literacy Narrative” (comic illustrated by Edward Bourelle), Writing on the Edge 25.1



“Xerxes,” Thin Air 19

“The Swimmers,” Hobart 14

“What It Means to Love,” Arcane II
edited by Nathan Shumate 

“The Last Bullet” (comic illustrated by Edward Bourelle), Heavy Feather Review 3.3

2012 and earlier


“Blue World,” AftermathStories of Secrets and Consequences edited by Rayne Debski

"Max and Rose," Corrupts Absolutely, edited by Lincoln Crisler 

“Desiccated,” Rosebud 52

“Heavy Metal,” Jabberwock Review 32.1

“Surfacing,” Red Rock Review 27